We are a software agency. We’re always getting fun in what we do because we really love our job. We always operate using latest technologies because we never stop studying and learning.

We are BitForFun

Our job is our passion, delivering best-in class and easy to use products while making our company the best place to work is our mission and vision.

all around you

Your world and the experience

Microsoft Hololens and Windows Holographic development

Mixed Reality

HTC Vive and Oculus Rift development

You inside the experience

Virtual Reality

with real-time digital informations

your enviroment integrated

Microsoft Windows Holographic

iOS and Android Development

Augmented Reality

Cloud based

Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS

Web App

Latest technologies

web application development


“Empowering people and organization to achieve their targets with our innovative and easy-to-use software applications”


Our vision is in our company name itself. BitForFun.

“A company where employees are our first customer to take care in order to create the best working place where everyone is getting fun doing their job”

Get Hands On With BitForFun Services and learn more about our practices

Our consulting practice helps companies to evaluate and plan cloud and on prem infrastructure technology achieving tested methodologies for assessing, designing and building modern and more dynamic infrastructures that aligns with industry best practices. Our practice is a proven and succesful combination of onsite expertise, project management and high-quality delivery.


Our Application Development practice specializes in application services across the full software development life cycle.
Our practice is well-versed in a variety of methodologies, including Agile, Scrum , Waterfall and XP.
We can deliver full turnkey solutions, allowing companies to concentrate on their own core business. Our main focus is now on cloud web and mobile applications.

Our Training practice helps companies in getting best quality IT training for their employees. We deliver post-recruiment training, issue-based training, project preparatory training, cloud adoption and change management training, virtual and mixed reality training, product specific training.
“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere”


We develop cutting-edge Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality applications using latest 3D engines.

BitForFun - Mixed Reality enthusiastic user



Enterprise applications are web or desktop software business applications that empower companies in solving enterprise problems.

Our enterprise applications are designed to integrate with other enterprise applications used within organizations, and to be deployed across cloud and corporate networks while meeting company requirements for security and administration management.

BitForFun - Enterprise and Cloud Applications

Our expertise is to design, develop, distribute, manage and integrate:

  • Project and risk management

  • Business Intelligence (BI)

  • Content Management System (CMS)

  • HR Management

  • Cloud and Hybrid Cloud integrations


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