Responding To Our Customers Evolving Needs

In any intervention, no matter how small or large, we apply our proven methodology. A process that allows us to better understand the challenges and design the appropriate solution.


The Technolgical Tools of Our Trade

Together with the knowledge gained over many years of experience, our methodology also consists of a series of carefully selected tools. Technologies behind the high level specialization of our team.


Our Proven Method For Long Lasting Results

In many years of experience, we have noticed that the best results come from projects in which the client is fully involved in the development. This happens when he is constantly kept in line with the processes performed, analyzed, verified, tested and reviewed, daily or periodically.

We have also noticed that the projects focused on the classic Waterfall method have often turned out to be not entirely effective.

A method based on the preliminary collection of the pre-requisites, on the proposal of a set of functions not seen specifically in the related processes and on a development without an evolutionary approach.

A method that in some cases has led to well-made solutions, but which in conclusion are not totally reflected in the customer’s needs.

This happens frequently because, due to new information, new objectives or other reasons, the customer’s needs can change very rapidly during the development period.

From this emerged a new approach by which the suggestions of the development team can be useful to the customer in rethinking and simplifying their internal processes.

This constant alignment between developer and client leads to the continuous release of sets of functions already usable throughout the development phase of the project.

With this methodology the customer does not find, at the time of delivery, after lot of time and a lot of work done, with a product or a result that does not reflect his needs or expectations.

Conversely, the customer has the opportunity to intervene and correct “on the go” during all the development process, so that the final result is completely in line with what is necessary.



The Pillars Of Our Method

We apply the Agile methodology and its principles. With this method, the customer is involved in the software development process from the beginning to the end of the release. Customers must be active participants in the entire project development cycle, monitor progress and be able to make corrections at any time.



Reliable Tools For Individualized Approach

With our detailed process we work with you to fully capture your vision. We will plan with you the proper technologies adoption. Besides, our process will includes common frameworks and tests by our IT team of analysts and designers.



We use the latest technologies to connect systems, to share data, simplify and automate interoperability. We help you share standardize data exchanges between different systems and between various software, devices and platforms.



A good frameworks means a good start. We consider frameworks the cradle of any project. For this we select them very carefully by relying on our long experience in the industry and the skills of our team of developers.



The Tech In Our Knowledge

We leverage our knowledge in technology tools, platforms and programming languages to deliver agility, reduce complexity, advice you about the best tech to be implemented and adopt new technologies without disrupting your existing infrastructure.



Whether it’s about generating more business, making your voice heard or spreading your brand, web development is the key to achieve all this. It’s the bridge to bring offers to your customers and encourage them to learn more.



Backend development manages the behind the scenes functionality of any application. It’s where the real magic happens. It is the ecosystem that really feeds any digital project, what customers don’t see but what makes any application work properly.



In the dynamic technology industry, mobile represents an advantageous resource for everyone. More power in the hands of the customer. More business for companies. Mobile development contributes greatly to achieving positive results.



Every day, organizations are realizing the potential of artificial intelligence. AI can be used to automate a large amount of work, reduce the risk of human errors and solve problems in any sector. AI allows machines to evolve and become more reliable.



Nowadays, every company must be flexible. Whether it’s the ability to access data from anywhere or increase data security to protect your organization and more, the benefits of Office 365 can be a turning point for all organizations.



Virtual Reality has overcome the barriers to enter different industries. Marketing, training, retail, construction, just to say a few. As a new and cutting-edge technology, Virtual Reality allows you to experience anything, anywhere, anytime.



The rapid development of cloud tech has provided many alternative solutions for companies in the management and development of their businesses. However, cloud IT is more than that: a new business model that can be used by any organization.



The need for shorter product life cycles and higher flexibility during development forces organization to deal with new challenges. Methodologies like Agile Scrum, Design Thinking and other human-centered strategies are now a standard.



Systems That Keeps Everything Together

We are extremely selective about the tools we choose for our customer’s projects development. Frameworks make no exceptions. We are obsessed with curated choice based on developer environment, ecosystem, architectural clarity and, most of all, business use case.

Cloud Technology

More and more companies are starting to build their business model by relying on cloud computing. Although there are still many people who think that cloud computing is only used as a backup support for the running system, this technology has become a new standard in data center management, offering more functionality for companies.



Public cloud computing service is the underlying technology of cloud storage and widely used computing services on the Internet. With high scalability and reliability to meet business needs and a vast network of servers to avoid breakdowns, the public cloud is usually the most suitable solution for any small company.



Private clouds are data center architectures that offer flexibility, automation, monitoring and scalability. Thanks to the private cloud, customers get the advantages of the cloud system without giving up the control of their data center maintenance.

Azure (Scritte)-min

Microsoft Azure Service

Azure cloud computing is a platform that can be used on any scale. In addition to traditional cloud services, such as virtual machines, object storage and content delivery networks, Azure offers services that take advantage of proprietary Microsoft technologies.

Azure (Scritte)-min



Azure Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) helps companies avoid expenses and complexity of buying and managing your own physical servers and other datacenter infrastructure. Each resource is offered as a separate service component and you only need to rent a particular one for as long as you need it.



Azure Platform As A Service (PaaS) enables companies to deliver every type of applications. From simple cloud-based apps to sophisticated, cloud-enabled enterprise applications, it is designed to support the complete web application lifecycle.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is Amazon’s cloud services provider that offers easy access to over 70 services on demand. Computer resources, archiving, networking, database, analysis, application services, distribution, management, mobile, just to say a few. Companies can rely on the key features of AWS to ensure the smooth running of their applications.



Amazon Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) is an instant computing infrastructure, provided and managed over the Internet. Suppliers and resellers can host their applications quickly and securely in a safe and efficient virtual environment. AWS ensures the reliability of the infrastructure, both physically and operationally and offers the highest level of flexibility and management control over IT resources.



Through Amazon Serverless, companies can devote time and resources to create and distribute their applications without worrying about server management. The AWS infrastructure has the ability to automatically run, manage and resize any application.

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