Making Digital Transformation Real

We apply a vast knowledge of new technologies, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, IoT and more. This is why our customers entrust us with the complete development cycle of their software projects.


Treat Us Like a Partner. This Is How We Consider You

Before doing anything, we assimilate your inner vision, listen to the needs of your company, conduct research to identify users’s challenges and expectations, perform brainstorming sessions with your team to define the project requirements and only then we propose the best technological approach and the most suitable technical solution.

IT INFRASTRUCTURE AUDIT – Accurate review of the technical aspects of your IT infrastructure in order to make your system more agile to support new technologies and aligned to market changes.
PROJECT REQUIREMENT ELABORATION. Detailed project analysis through Agile Methodology to identify user stories and add details as the project moves ahead. Requirements gathering followed by elaboration focused on high priority features in order to transform them in user stories and prototypes.
BUSINESS PROCESS ANALYSIS. Analysis and identification of the internal processes and business process mapping to detail the information flow between departments.
TECHNOLOGY ADVICE. Considering the rapid evolution of technology we support you in the research, discovery and selection of the most suitable technologies for solving the obstacles in your industry.
SOLUTION ARCHITECTURE. We provide high-quality technical solution consulting to add significant strategic advantage over competitors and to translate business requirements into software architecture.

All Our Services Are Already Available

We constantly update our website with new sections to enrich the user experience and provide more detailed information to our customers. New info pages are under construction and will arrive soon. Explore the site and call us for more information or to talk about your project.


Ensure Quality Through Regular
Feedback And Exposure

The Agile Scrum methodology allows us to create a process in which the customer is a full member of the development team.

The constant interaction between him and the developers creates mutual trust within a transparent and engaging system.

The workflow is very clear and the project development becomes easier, reducing the distance between the parts.


Managing Big Data, IT Security
And Quality Control

Cloud computing is a big change of how companies think about IT resources. We use cloud computing every day, even if we don’t realize it.

When you send email through online services, listen to music, store files, etc, it’s likely that cloud computing is making it all possible behind the scenes.

The process of delivering and enabling scalable, expandable and elastic software services through Internet technologies is now embraced by a variety of organizations, from tiny startups to global corporations.


Coordinate Processes
And Development Teams

DevOps is the result of the combination between Software Development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops).

It’s more than a service, it’s a culture of collaboration between different teams that help development and operations teams to solve critical issues quickly and deliver higher value to businesses and customers.


Improve The Protection
Of Sensitive Data

Now that technology is deeply intertwined in people’s lives, in order to overcome the lack of trust in how companies treat users personal information, governments have regulated the way in which online businesses must use and process users data.

We advise you on how your applications should be made to meet the GDPR criteria. We do not tell you if your company is properly certified, but we will show you how to create applications for your company to comply with the European legislation.


Finding, Fixing And Preventing
Security Vulnerabilities

Application security is generating a lot of attention. IT threats have become more powerful and more widespread than ever. This is why it is essential to check for security flaws in applications.
This is becoming even more important as hackers are increasingly targeting applications with their attacks. Through the application security process we ensure that your company’s digital environment is safe.


Structuring An Efficient Data
Flow Between Software

Technological acceleration continually brings to the market new software and fundamental applications for your business.

The need for application integration arises whenever a company needs to adopt new software to improve or replace an outdated business process.

Since the new software must interoperate with the system, application integration means implementing all the activities useful for creating such interoperability and addressing the data quality problems introduced by the new applications.


Expand The Knowledge
Base Of Your Team

Training not only is important to any company, it is vital.
When information multiplies and spreads at an accelerated rate, having a broad and updated knowledge base becomes one of the essential elements for managing the business.
Training programs presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all your team. They provide the organisation with benefits that make cost and time a worthwhile investment.


Providing Solid Structure
For Implementing Change

Change Program covers disciplines such as Design Thinking, Agile Methodology and all that concerns Cloud Migration.
Our solution provides a program to show and explain to organizations how to evolve in the daily management of the business.
How to think about new applications and products, how to manage their development path through Agile methodology and how to modernize the digital properties already available in order to bring them to the cloud world.


Integrate. Improve. Innovate.

To best meet the needs of your industry, company and specific project, we are organized in three Business Units or, as we call it, Bit Unit. Through our Units we provide a wide range of services, from the project conception to the operational release.



We use creative thinking and innovative technology to help companies stay relevant.


We build customer-tailored solutions for your critical business needs.


We develop smart design and engaging experiences for all products and screens.

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