Transform And Reshape Your Business Through AI

Artificial intelligence is already part of our lives. It’s not only on computers and mobile devices it’s everywhere. From big corporations to startups, all organizations are embracing AI as a disruptive technology to solve real business problems. If you don’t have an AI-based solution yet it’s important to start looking at possible tools for boost your business.

In today’s technologically competitive scenario, more and more companies are wondering how to interact creatively with their customers. How to make connections and learn more about them.

This is where Artificial Intelligence comes into play. By taking advantage of the potential of its tools such as self-learning, natural language processing, image analysis and big data, companies now have the opportunity to analyze how to market their products to customers.

Thanks to these cutting-edge features, Artificial Intelligence is able to connect user data more intelligently and provide new valuable insights.



Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by computer systems. These processes can be about the acquisition of information, reaching conclusions and self-correction.

Basically, through the application of specific rules, artificial intelligence is able to automate a series of repetitive tasks, thus eliminating the need for human intervention.

More and more companies in many industries aim to include this automation technology in their business processes in order to take full advantage of their functionality.



Expanding Business Opportunities

In business, artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming a commonly used competitive tool.

Through features such as speech recognition, robotics, natural language processing, knowledge representation techniques and many other approaches to complex reasoning, Artificial intelligence has already made its way in many areas, such as health, finance, education and law just to name a few.

Many business leaders see AI as an essential tool and they are bringing their companies to explore all the potential available, as better chatbots for customer service, predictive data analysis for advice and in-depth learning in their various forms.



Working Seamlessly With AI Technology

Our development team specialized in AI supports and helps companies to better manage all their daily activities. We knows how to take advantage of the technologies already in use and implement new services, while maintaining a high level of compatibility.

USE-CASE IDEATION. We start by drafting a first use-case of AI in order to get the most out of the data collected by your company.
DATA RECOVERY. In order to validate the data, we collect and analyse all the data pools available by gradually increasing the size of datasets and preparing them in parallel to other development efforts.
END-USER OUTLINING. Once all the data has been collected, we begin to clean them and prepare them in order to define the end-user of the product.
PROOF OF CONCEPT. We proceed by outlining a quick way to validate AI use-cases. That means that we start to create a prototype or a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) so that the end-customers can actually validate the idea.
SOLUTION IMPLEMENTATION. Once the solution has been validated we proceed with the implementation of the AI model.
REAL WORLD LEARNING. Sometimes this mean launching a raw solution in order to let the models start learning in the real-world conditions.



Artificial intelligence At The Service Of Your Company

Many business leaders see AI as an essential tool and they are bringing their companies to explore all the potential available, as better chatbots for customer service, predictive data analysis for advice and in-depth learning in their various forms.


Providing Easy Access To Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive services are a set of machine learning algorithms developed to solve problems in the field of Artificial Intelligence. It is a simulation of the process by which human thought works.

By harnessing the potential of cognitive services, we can create intelligent applications tailored to your organization’s availability, security and compliance requirements; services to ensure corporate-level security of the infrastructure; tools and frameworks for creating and distributing products and services with large-scale artificial intelligence; and more.


The main goal is to create an automated IT system capable of solving problems and providing solutions without human assistance, using machine learning algorithms.

These algorithms are the same ones used by many cutting-edge companies in the field of Artificial Intelligence.


Building Innovative Conversational Experiences

With chatbots, companies have a new way to connect, interact and feed their customers.

Azure Bot Service allows us to create enterprise-level bots with complete data ownership and control. Through native Azure integration we give bots the chance to talk, listen and understand your customers.


Websites, apps, Cortana, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger are some of the environments in which you can distribute your bot to interact naturally with your users.

But we can go even further than conversation. We can create bots able to recognize a user in photos, moderate content, translate languages and more.


Get The Most Out Of Artificial Intelligence

Starting from the idea that computer systems can learn from the available data, machine learning is able to analyze large amounts of data, identify models and finally make decisions with minimal human intervention.

All forecasting, classification, knowledge extraction and decision-making activities carried out through Machine Learning can be performed without explicitly defining the rules necessary to carry out these activities.


By analyzing the information extracted from data, organizations are able to work more efficiently and gain an advantage over their competitors.

Many of the industries that work with large amounts of data have recognized that machine learning technology can increase productivity and innovate on a secure, business-ready platform.

Some of the most popular examples of machine learning applications are fraud detection, self-driving cars, online recommendation such as the ones as on Amazon and Netflix, customers sentiment on social network, and more.


Integrate. Improve. Innovate.

To best meet the needs of your industry, company and specific project, we are organized in three Business Units or, as we call it, Bit Unit. Through our Units we provide a wide range of services, from the project conception to the operational release.



We use creative thinking and innovative technology to help companies stay relevant.


We build customer-tailored solutions for your critical business needs.


We develop smart design and engaging experiences for all products and screens.

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