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Business Intelligence give the chance to take a deep look into the inner reality of your organization to understand more about how and why things happen. Through historical, current and predictive views of business operations, data visualization, statistical data mining and many other sources of business data, you get a bird-eye view about your business performance management.

In the current business scenario, data is the lifeblood. Through processes, tools and best practices, Business Intelligence converts raw data into valuable information, bringing significant information to companies that can be used in strategic decisions.

In fact, until now, all companies that have implemented business intelligence tools in their processes have seen an increase in business results.

Business Intelligence derives its effectiveness from the combination of external data, coming from the market in which a company operates, with internal data, coming from sources within the company itself. From this combination of data we get a clear and complete image that cannot be obtained from a single data set.



It Is All About Data

Business Intelligence consists of all the technologies, applications and practices used for collection, analysis, integration, organization of raw data in order to deliver the presentation of structured information for business purposes.

The purpose of Business Intelligence is to support managers and executives to make better-informed business decisions with the ultimate goal of helping them discover new business opportunities, reduce costs and identify inefficient processes.



Working Smart For Smart Results

When it comes to operational or strategic choices, such as product positioning or pricing, the role of Business Intelligence in business decisions is paramount.

Essentially, Business Intelligence technology allow organizations to get information on new markets, assess the demand and suitability of products and services for different market segments, assess the impact of marketing efforts, identify new opportunities and implement effective strategies.



Converting Raw Data Into Meaningful Information

Through our methodology we give to customers the opportunity to take a look at the internal workings of their organizations. This allows a greater understanding of how and why things happen and consequently what choices they can make to improve processes and results.

IDENTIFY NEEDS. Once the activity scope is defined we proceed by identifying what is important to track in order to analyze what can improve your decision making process.
DATA WAREHOUSING. When all the sources of information are set we start bringing together all the useful data. The data to be acquired may regard sales, financial reports, competitors, social media sentiment and more.
DATA ANALYSIS. With all the required information at our disposal we can start with analyzing. This is the stage where we practice knowledge extraction from raw information realizing the first useful conclusions.
DATA VISUALIZATION. Presenting the information in order to make sense of the data in the most visually appealing and straight way using different visualization types (pie charts, bars graphs, infographics and more) for specific purposes.
KNOWLEDGE IMPLEMENTATION. All the knowledge contained in the well-grouped set of visualizations can be used through a dedicated dashboard to allow all stakeholders to easily access the necessary information, aggregate data and handle complex queries.



Gaining A Broader Perspective

Business Intelligence applications already extend across a wide range of sectors. Given the competitiveness of the modern era, Business Intelligence offers advantages that can make the difference in any company and make the business prosper.


In business, staying one step ahead of the competition is crucial. Strategic business decisions include priorities, objectives and directions at the broadest level.

Planning is one of the most important steps and Business Intelligence makes planning easier than ever. Through the Business Intelligence systems, based on specific KPIs, managers are constantly informed about the progress of their business activities.

Combined with CRM, Business Intelligence offers managers a sophisticated method to constantly monitor their performance and make informed management decisions.


One of the most important applications of Business Intelligence concerns the meeting between company offering and customers expectations.

Convincing potential customers to buy your product or service is never easy. To make this process more fluid it becomes essential to perform analyzes supported by Business Intelligence.

The collection and organization of specific data (demographic data, conversion rates, sales metrics, etc.) in structured visualizations, allows identifying insights such as customer behavior as well as their expectations.



The value of Business Intelligence is generated by the practice and combination of complementary tools, technologies and services that we apply regularly to provide our customers with the best tools to generate business results.

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  • Office 365


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