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Mobile applications have become our inseparable personal assistants. They evolved to such a level that designing and creating the right app requires skills that go, to name a few, from technological know-how, to creativity and up to the awareness of the target audience.

In the last decade, mobile has acquired a fundamental role in the digital economy, changing the way companies work. The speed and ease of access to data and the increased user experience are the keys to this high growth.

Thanks to the ease with which users can get all the information they need through mobile apps and stay in touch with their selected brands, more and more companies have expanded their presence on mobile platforms.

In the next future every company, large or small, will increasingly need an application and a mobile strategy. In addition to selling products, business apps can serve different purposes. For example to involve users, provide customer support, to better convey offers and promotions.



Leverage The Benefits Of Mobile Apps

Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies is critical to successful mobile app development. Mobile devices are amongst one of the most heavily used accessories in modern human life.

From a company point of view a mobile app can deliver many valuable benefits. Business owners have an opportunity to establish an instant and direct connection with their customer base. They can capture the customer’s valuable attention.

Developing a mobile app can help to retain existing customers while simultanuously acquiring new ones. expand brand visibility by keeping the company’s image fresh on the mind of the consumer. Increase exponentially the number of potential customers. encompass all your specific requirements through app customization



Direct Touchpoint For Working Life

Mobile apps have given power to customers. But they have also strengthened the operational capabilities of professionals, entrepreneurs and companies.

With the ability to be used both online and offline, mobile apps will increasingly be used to work both on the move and to work remotely.

Remote working apps, such as business management tools and videoconferencing tools, will become the preferred form for carrying out work activities, communicating and achieving professional goals.



From Server To Customer’s Hands

Each mobile app is unique. Each with its characteristics and peculiarities. Some apps are dedicated to business, others to e-commerce. And although our methodology is constantly evolving, we have identified a proven process for developing apps for mobile devices.

COLLECT NEEDS. We define goals and needs in order to establish the purpose and the mission of the mobile app project.
AGILE PROCESS SETTING. We outline a custom Agile process for the iOS/Android app development in order to share every development step, minimizes risks and maximize the final goal.
BACK-END STRUCTURE. Setting up the building blocks and the server side logic used for the application back-end development
FRONT-END DESIGN. Developing wireframes, design graphics and translating design into functioning features to be implanted in the app in order to get a clear picture of the product.
APP STORE DEPLOYMENT. Handling the app store submission process making sure the app pass the store guidelines, distribution configuration and more.
MAINTENANCE SUPPORT. Maintenance and support service that help keeping the app always aligned with all platforms updates.



A Deeper Look To Our Skills

Mobile phone users have exceeded 5 billion users worldwide. To remain competitive and attractive to its customers, and to maintain an open and constant dialogue, every company will have to develop mobile applications. In this scenario, Android and iOS are the reference platforms for brands and products.


End-To-End Mobile App For The Google World

With a 85% market share worldwide, the Android operating system dominates the mobile platform market. When it comes to applications there are many advantages offered by the the Android operative system.

Android apps can be implemented in different ways, are highly customizable, easier to manage and have a relatively low entry barrier. Android also offers integration with Google products and services, such as Gmail, YouTube and more.


Talking about development, one of the best feature of Android is its customization. Through the intelligent code editor feature in the SDK, Android development teams can reach the operative system codes of their applications.

The system enable developers to create codes while enhancing the overall speed and outlook of the application. Company are so able to customize the code effectively based on their business goals. And, unlike other mobile platforms, sending applications to Google Play, the Android marketplace, is much simpler.


Impactful Apps For Apple Devices

Since the dawn of mobile smartphones, Apple has led the world of mobile technologies. Many people who use other devices have or dream of having an iOS device. This strong factor offers companies the opportunity to develop and market branded apps.

Because Apple pushes developers to meet the high standards and generate the best quality applications, it is worthwhile for any company to have their own app for iOS devices. In fact, most companies believe that iOS is the best platform to develop custom applications and provide the right services to customers.


When compared with Android apps, even if Android has the largest share of the smartphone market with the most downloads, Apple has users with greater spending power. This means that iOS apps have a better chance of being sold. In fact iOS far surpasses Android on in-app sales and the amount of revenue.

The iOS platform is also known for its robustness. Since security is a major concern, features like data management systems and measures against duplication and data loss make iOS even more appealing to businesses. All this is complemented by Apple’s impeccable hardware and premium customer service.


Integrate. Improve. Innovate.

To best meet the needs of your industry, company and specific project, we are organized in three Business Units or, as we call it, Bit Unit. Through our Units we provide a wide range of services, from the project conception to the operational release.



We use creative thinking and innovative technology to help companies stay relevant.


We build customer-tailored solutions for your critical business needs.


We develop smart design and engaging experiences for all products and screens.

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