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Web applications play a very important role. Whether it’s selling different products and services or allowing users to download multimedia products, all online transactions and activities are the result of a Web app.

Developing web applications is much more than just simply display technology. It’s about identifying and adopting strategies to solve a problem. Implementing a process making each task simpler or more automated.

Transforming large quantities of data into meaningful reports in a short time. In designing web applications we employ best practices to meet customer expectations, especially in terms of experience, interaction and engagement. To do this we constantly monitor market trends and strategies applied by the main players.

The development of each web application includes the close involvement of customers who, in direct contact with the development team, closely monitors the process and contributes to development.



Definition And Examples

A web application (also known as web app) is a computer program that performs a specific function by using a web browser.

Web apps are part of users’s daily routine. Common examples of web apps are emails, wikis, instant messaging services and many others. Among some web applications of big brand we can find widely used products like Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox, Trello and even Netflix.



Relevance In Today's Business

The Internet arena is a very challenging environment for entrepreneurs and organizations who need to sell their products and services. For this, nowadays, websites and web apps are crucial to business. Because without any of them, nobody will know about your company brand.

When it comes about online interaction, well designed web applications ensure establishing a proper online presence as well as reaching customers, in order to let them buy and make online transactions.



The Product Path Toward Its Digital Life

Designing a web app means first and foremost considering the expectations that potential customers have in terms of experience. An experience that users have acquired, and that continues to evolve, based on all the other web apps available online.

In developing a web app our team uses a proven process such as tools and frameworks to define and apply design strategies. A design based on established behavior habits, structured on the experience that users intend to live.

ANALIZE BRIEF. We analyze and understand business goals and target audience in order to organize a practical procedure and approach in the web app development.
DEFINE STRATEGY. We carry out technical assessments to mitigate the risks of project, save development cost and meet functional specifications.
WEB APP UX/UI DESIGN. We create engaging user experiences with interactive user interface and attractive design elements.
WEB APP DEVELOPMENT. The Agile methodologies allow us to develop the product through a constant dialogue with our customers always aligned to the latest implementations.
WEB APP TESTING. We carry out tests to verify the correct functioning of the back-end and the front-end usability as well as to check the quality and performance of the product.
DEPLOY. From development to staging, performance optimization and production we take care of all the processes required to run the web app and operate in a specific environment.
SUPPORT. We maintain the web app compatible with all the main tools and technologies through constant updating.



Lean Back And See What We Can Do

With BitForFun your product is in good hands. Our extensive experience and ongoing commitment allow our team to use a wide variety of technologies to deliver the best quality, both in terms of back-end and front-end experience.


Implementing Interactive Intuitive Interfaces

The importance of the front-end in the user experience is never emphasized enough. The front-end is the point of contact between product and user. It is the impulsive impression of the potential client. And also the language a brand adopts to establish a connection and a constant conversation with its audience.


Functional Attractive Apps To Appeal Your Clients

The front-end is where the interaction between your client and your brand takes place. It is not just about writing code or designing web pages.

It is about creating memorable impressions and meaningful experiences. It is about making navigation clear and linear and meaningful contents in the most attractive way. And in the end, make your product useful and interesting.


Building Dynamic Apps Improving Performances

SPA, or Single Page Application, is an app or a website that adapts to a single page. SPA offers a more flexible and desktop-like user experience and better performance.

Whenever you want to offer the user a real-time experience without a page refresh, or you want the user to get a simple and fast interaction, or if you want to easily develop, debug and distribute web applications, a SPA application is just what you need.

Moreover, they can also be transferred to mobile apps by reusing the same back-end code.


Systematic Pattern For Large-Scale Projects

MVC (Model, View and Controller) and MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) are pattern to organize the main functions of the code. It’s a way to think about how a web application works, very useful when planning app development.

MVC and MVVM provide a description of how ideas should be organized in real code.

Some codes contain the data of your app, some codes make the app look nice and other codes control the way your app works. This makes it easier and cleaner to think, revisit and share your app with other developers.


A Universal Experience On All Customer Devices

HTML5 is the best option for cross-platform development. HTML5 combines the best features of HTML and XHTML into a powerful platform that allows a richer development experience. Not only from the point of view of UX and UI, but also for the development of mobile apps and mobile web pages.

Companies that want to enhance their digital presence in a world based on mobile devices, choose the HTML5 framework, already working on all major browsers. Safe and sustainable, HTML5 allows easy maintenance, scalability according to need, multi-platform capabilities and is able to run on any device or software platform.


The Building Block Of Any Digital Reality

Back-end is the solid foundation on which all digital platforms, products or applications are based. It is the ecosystem that really feeds any application or platform, web or mobile.

The structure that allows the sharing of information between people and accounts, responsible for interactions between databases, calculations and performance.


Make Your Product Stable And Reliable

Back-end development is the skill that powers the web. It’s the magic behind the scenes. Through back-end development we can manage user connections, improve web applications, make the database work properly and more.

With its three essential parts (database, server, application) it is the support that allows his more exposed sibling, the front end, to get all the fame and to offer the final experience to the end user.


Leverage The Power Of Web Application Components

Web services are a collection of open protocols and standards that allow various applications to communicate with each other and exchange data programs, objects, messages or documents. They work as a method of communication between different devices on a network.

The main advantages of web services can be summarized in three main features: the wide interoperability, the standardized protocol, the low cost of communication.


Data Is The Essence Of Business

The role of the database in business has greatly improved over the last 20 years. Through a database management system companies can manage large amounts of data efficiently.

Data stored in the database system can be used to learn things that can make a big difference, such as consumer behavior, seasonal trends, best-selling products and potential market niches.

From all this information, companies can extract information to outperform their competitors, improve sales and thrive in the long run.


Integrate. Improve. Innovate.

To best meet the needs of your industry, company and specific project, we are organized in three Business Units or, as we call it, Bit Unit. Through our Units we provide a wide range of services, from the project conception to the operational release.



We use creative thinking and innovative technology to help companies stay relevant.


We build customer-tailored solutions for your critical business needs.


We develop smart design and engaging experiences for all products and screens.

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