BitForFun on stage: Metahumanity @ W3A Forum

How to humanize the relationship with technology and make it accessible to everyone through AI?
Riccardo Saracchi addresses this question by presenting a suite developed by BitForFun for the creation of an AI-supported #MetaHuman, taking the concept of a virtual assistant to an unprecedented level.


Humanizing Technology: A Path to Universal Access Through AI

In an era where technology increasingly intertwines with daily life, the quest to humanize digital interactions has become a paramount challenge. Riccardo Saracchi, representing BitForFun, introduces an innovative solution to this challenge through the development of a suite for creating AI-supported #MetaHuman. This groundbreaking initiative seeks not just to bridge the gap between humans and machines but also to democratize technology, making it accessible to everyone.

The Concept of #MetaHuman

At the core of BitForFun’s vision lies the #MetaHuman project, a fusion of artificial intelligence and digital human avatars. This concept transcends the traditional boundaries of virtual assistants by offering a more personalized, engaging, and human-like interaction. The #MetaHuman initiative is not merely about executing commands or answering queries; it’s about creating a digital counterpart that can understand, empathize, and interact with users on a fundamentally human level.

The Role of AI in Humanization

Artificial Intelligence is the linchpin in the humanization of technology. AI enables digital systems to learn from interactions, adapt to users’ needs, and exhibit behaviors that are perceived as more human-like. In the context of the #MetaHuman project, AI is not just about understanding speech or text; it’s about comprehending the nuances of human emotion and responding in kind. This emotional intelligence aspect is what sets apart the #MetaHuman from conventional AI applications.

Challenges and Opportunities

While the promise of AI-supported #MetaHumans is immense, it also presents challenges. Issues of privacy, ethical AI use, and the digital divide are critical considerations that BitForFun and similar innovators must address. Ensuring that these digital humans enhance rather than detract from the human experience is a delicate balance.

However, the opportunities are equally vast. By humanizing technology, we can make it not just a tool, but a companion in our daily lives. From assisting the elderly to providing company to those isolated, the potential to positively impact society is significant.


Riccardo Saracchi and BitForFun’s initiative to create an AI-supported #MetaHuman represents a bold step towards humanizing technology. By making digital interactions more natural and intuitive, and ensuring accessibility to everyone, they are paving the way for a future where technology enhances the human experience in every aspect. As we move forward, the continued focus on empathy, accessibility, and ethical considerations will be key to realizing the full potential of this vision.

If you’re interested in viewing the complete video of #W3AFORUM and the individual presentations, including Saracchi’s intervention, visit the website This site likely hosts the full video of the event and the individual talks, offering insights into how emerging technologies, like AI and the concept of MetaHumans, are being integrated into daily life and business strategies, emphasizing user accessibility and human-centered design.

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