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Ethereon is born, the innovation hub by Bit For Fun

UsUp Group and Bitforfun create Ethereon

Us Up & Below The Line, a group with a decade of market experience in communication, event organization, and OOH, aims even higher and fully enters the world of digital innovation with the creation of Ethereon.

Thanks to the incorporation of Bit For Fun, the Creative & Software House of the Us Up Group, Ethereon is born: an innovation hub where any communication need finds a new, unexpected key to interpretation, enhanced by the opportunities that the latest technologies can offer to the market and the world of Communication & Events. Therefore, it’s not just about ordinary special effects, but an incubator of original ideas applied to technologies of the highest impact and creative value.

A box of wonders

“We like to think of Ethereon as a box of wonders, where clients can find the solutions they have always dreamed of or planned, but have never been able to realize due to the complexity that the world of technological innovation seems to convey,” declares Claudio Furlan, CEO of Us Up & Below The Line. “Here we have meta-humans, holograms, but also meta-worlds, interactive virtual events, webinars on custom virtual stages. And then avatars, faithful replicas of oneself in the digital world, 3D anamorphic billboards, and… we could go on indefinitely.”

“Our Research and Development team brings the company’s creative and innovative thinking in an increasingly cutting-edge direction, to anticipate trends and make those already underway easily accessible,” continues Furlan. “Technology here is our lifeblood and soon it will be possible to experience it firsthand in our spectacular showroom. But this is still a secret.”

From Human to Meta-Human

This year Mya, the Metahuman from Ethereon, co-hosted the IAB Forum 2023 with great success, making a first appearance with world-renowned photographer Albert Watson for the production of the Digital Edition of MIDO.

“We are a team with over 20 years of experience in the communication sector and there’s still much to have fun with.

The introduction of artificial intelligence into our lives, and in the reference markets, is certainly a revolution that cannot be ignored, but surely needs to be channeled into a useful, pragmatic strategy, and above all, accessible to companies.

The Metaverse? A word that has gone dormant and still needs a real, complete meaning. It’s a matter of time, we know it, everyone knows it. Being prepared is important, but so is not neglecting all the intermediate solutions that this technology offers us and that are immediately usable by the general public,” declares Riccardo Saracchi, CEO of Bit For Fun Italia.

From Human to Meta-Human

“All products are thought out, designed, and programmed directly in-house, from the creation of the concept, to the design, development, prototyping, and on air.

Obviously, alongside the new innovative beacon, the company maintains a solid core of strategy, communication, video production, and traditional events, important both to serve customers in a more standard area and to personally take care of all aspects that support the most advanced technologies,” states Luca Piacentini, CEO of Max Up.

“Technology in this has a fundamental role, as does the experience in knowing how to apply it in the right doses and with knowledge of the facts. Balancing the ingredients with skill is the secret to communicating clearly and delighting the eyes at the same time,” says Corrado Furlan, Partner & Business Manager of Us Up.

Future perspectives

To date, the Us Up, Max Up, and Bit For Fun Group boasts collaborations with the most important names in the market, creating partnerships in case of project development with agencies and/or media centers or direct productions for clients that converge to support brands of the caliber of: Safilo, Nexi, Kia, Lavazza, Sky, Haier, Bosch, Fineco, Esselunga, Hilti, Reale Mutua, Michelin, Unipol, Dils, Samsung, Audi, Fastweb, ING, Huawei, Danone, Subaru. In 2022, the turnover of the Us Up Group reached over 12 million euros: the internal investment dedicated to research and the acquisition of new skills and technologies to support productions continues.

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