Immersive technology in a box: unlock new realities with Sandman

Today, immersive technology is not just a trend; they are reshaping how we interact, learn, and entertain. Among the myriad of innovations, one stands out for its ability to transport users to new dimensions without leaving the room: Sandman, brought to you by BitForFun, a pioneering Innovation House with roots in Milan, Italy, and London, UK.

What is Sandman?

Sandman is not just any product; it’s a gateway to unparalleled immersive experiences. Imagine stepping into a 4×4 meter box and instantly being transported to the heart of the Gobi Desert, experiencing the thrill of the Dakar rally, or finding yourself inside an interactive application. This portable immersive box is a marvel of technology, designed for effortless transportation and setup, offering a plug-and-play solution to immersive digital experiences.

Features That Set Sandman Apart


Every aspect of Sandman can be tailored to meet your needs, ensuring a unique experience every time.


Designed with mobility in mind, Sandman is easy to set up anywhere, bringing immersive experiences to new locations.


From user registration to the launch of the experience, Sandman operates seamlessly without the need for additional staff.

Equipped with a green corner, spotlight, and still camera, Sandman uses advanced technology to create cinematic-style shots and camera movements from a single fixed position. This technological marvel transforms simple photographs into dynamic, immersive environments, offering users a taste of virtual reality without the need for bulky headsets or complicated setups.

Social Engagement Amplified

One of Sandman’s most compelling features is its social-friendly design. Participants receive a recording of their adventure, which they can easily share on their private social channels or on the sponsor brand’s platforms, amplifying engagement and reach.

Why Choose Sandman?

In a world where digital engagement is king, Sandman offers an innovative way to captivate and engage audiences. Its ability to create fully automated, customizable, and transportable immersive experiences makes it an invaluable tool for brands, event organizers, and entertainment venues looking to stand out.

Book Your Demo Today

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Dive into the world of Sandman, where every interaction is an adventure, and the possibilities are endless. Experience the future of engagement with BitForFun’s cutting-edge technology. Your audience awaits.


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