The tale of Audi

at Piccadilly Circus

  • Audi UK
  • December 2023
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A Christmas Mission

A digital out of home straight of dreams

This is the tale of Audi 3D Digital Out of Home at Piccadilly Circus: once upon a time, there was a beautiful car that aimed to captivate screens.

The desire was taken literally, indeed, by a group of developers and creatives, who turned the launch of the Audi SkySphere into an anamorphic display that truly pierced through the screens.

Where it happened

Milan, Taiwan, Taipei, Vienna: that car seemed to come out of the screen wherever it was placed.

The success of the digital out of home was such that, at Christmas, it landed on the most famous LED wall of all, Piccadilly Circus.

And they all lived happily ever after, especially us, who were that group of developers and creatives.

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