Nexi Virtual Store

Digital payments in a virtual restaurant

  • Nexi
  • September 2022
Our Services
  • Strategy, Idea and Concept
  • UX, Design and Technology
  • Video Production and Content
  • Interactive Interface development

What we did.

The idea behind Nexi Virtual Store

Nexi Virtual Store is a metaworld where you can discover Nexi products by choosing personalized paths based on product categories and use cases.

How we did it

Thanks to our powerful in-house technology, Morpheus, the Nexi “Restaurant” product category has come to life, becoming a real hub of products.

An immersive portfolio

In this way, the various types of  Nexi POS have been showcased in the most common merchant-customer interactions, leveraging the enhanced possibilities of the virtual environment in terms of visuals and infographics.

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